Interview with Tardis Timegirl, You Tube’s resident Doctor Who video genius

That great video mashing up 2001 and Doctor Who’s The Wheel In Space was made by Tardis Timegirl, who has made a few super-cool Doctor Who videos on her You Tube channel. I managed to grab a few words with TG, or Iz as she is also known, so read on for our chat.

Tell us about yourself

I’m from Kent in the UK and I’m a lifelong Doctor Who fan – my favourite Doctor would be Patrick Troughton or David Tennant. Everyone calls me Timegirl, TG or Iz.

How’d you get into making the videos?

I started making the videos in place of Christmas cards for my friends, but the audience has grown a bit thanks to You Tube. The feedback has been amazing too, although I haven’t had any feedback from people on the show (not that I expected any!)

How do you make them?

I make them at home with a 3D program called Lightwave. Each one takes between two and four weeks to make. It’s just a hobby really – my real interest is reconstructing the lost Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s with animation.

What do you think of other Doctor Who animation, like Dreamland?

I thought the characters looked great on Dreamland, but I wonder if they should have used mo-cap for the animation. As for working on things like that, if I did work in an animation company, I would probably only get to do model building or animation – people tend to specialise. I like creating the whole thing myself.

What about the future of Doctor Who?

I’m looking forward to all things Doctor Who and I trust the Moff-Matt combination to work.

So there you have it. Thanks to Iz for taking the time for a chat and I’ll leave you with another one of her creations – enjoy!

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