10 DVD films every science fiction geek would love for Christmas

IF YOUR other half is a geek like I am, you’re probably in the same boat as my wife who doesn’t have a clue what to buy me for science fiction Christmas presents.

So, here’s a list of 10 films or TV DVDs that would make perfect Christmas gifts for any nerd on Christmas morning. If you fancy buying them yourself, just click on the names.

1) Forbidden Planet (£5)

Yes, that is The Naked Gun’s Leslie Nielsen as Commander JJ Adams in this groundbreaking 1956 masterpiece.

He leads an Earth spaceship to Altair IV to find out what happened to the colonists who settled there and finds only two have died – Dr Morbius and his daughter. But what is the monster stalking the planet and the secret the Doctor is desperate to hide?

2) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (£5)

Originally a Cold War allegory about the growing sense of paranoia and mistrust in America, this 1978 remake stars genre favourites Jeff Goldblum and Leonard Nimoy, as well as a spellbinding Donald Sutherland. Don’t go to sleep – the pod people will get you!

3) The Flash Gordon Collection (From £17.99)

Nostalgia overload! Buster Crabbe is Flash in the black and white serials from the 1930s, battling Ming The Merciless with help from Dale Arden, Doctor Zarkov and the citizens of Mongo. I used to watch these on BBC2 in 10-minute blasts when I was a kid – each with a dramatic cliffhanger – and loved them. A real treat!

4) Time After Time (From £10.50)

Nicholas Meyer directed the greatest Star Trek film, The Wrath of Khan. A few years previously, he came up with this romp in which Jack The Ripper steals HG Wells’ time machine and escapes to San Francisco in 1978, only for Wells to pursue him. Tremendous fun.

5) Star Trek The Movies (From £49)

Before JJ Abrams re-invented Trek, there was the original crew and then the Next Generation. Here are the 10 films they made, some of which are great, others are … ermm … not so good, but all of which are worth watching. Don’t expect to see your other half for a few days once they fire up the DVD player. The Blue Ray version is here.

6) The Thing (£2.97)

Man is the warmest place to hide in this absolute chiller from John Carpenter about a shape-shifting alien laying waste to the residents of an Antartic research base. Watch it through your fingers. Blue Ray version here.

7) Star Wars (£12.90)

This DVD set contains the original films and the updated 20th anniversary editions, complete with Han shooting second, if you so desire. Not a young Darth Vader in sight, guarenteed.

8) Battlestar Galactica (£76)

At its height, one of the greatest television series ever, never mind science fiction television series. Absolutely awesome which pays homage to the 1970s original but takes the themes and ideas on to massively intricate and thought provoking levels. Plus Tricia Helfer is smoking hot as Cylon number six. The Blue Ray version is here.

9) Firefly (£10.97)

Cruelly cut down in its prime, Joss Whedon’s space drama was reborn as the film Serenity, but this is the original series. Fantastic stuff and a great cast with Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin standing out. Blue Ray here.

10) The Day of the Triffids (£4.28)

John Wyndham’s classic in a BBC series which is still one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. The pacing is so measured – massively different from today’s TV sci-fi.

And one for the January Sales – out on January 11

Doctor Who – The Complete Specials (£26.98)

The Next Doctor, Planet Of The Dead, The Waters of Mars and The End of Time parts one and two – packed chock full of extras too. Say goodbye to David Tennant in style.

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