Moon review – Guest blog by Chris Brown

Chris Brown – aka Orange Monkey on Twitter – has written a guest blog for me on Moon. There’s another one to follow too, you lucky people!

There’s a moment about 30 minutes in to Moon that you’ll realise that this isn’t the film that you thought it was going to be.

Watch the trailer and it looks like you are going to watch a mystery, and worse, one that’s got a pretty obvious twist.

But director Duncan Jones has something better in mind and suddenly the rug’s pulled from under you. When the reveal does come, and if you really want to know there are are a ton of spoiler-ific reviews knocking about, it’s so early on that you wonder where it can go.

Go with it though and it’s hugely rewarding.

In fact, in a year that’s contained some disappointing blockbusters this is a film that impresses with just how much its got to say, Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut stuck on the other side of the moon doing a humdrum job of caretaker working on his own at a mining facility.

With two weeks left of his three year contract all he wants to do is go home to his wife and child and have some human contact. But then he starts to hallucinate and wonders if his computer helper GERTY, voiced by Kevin Spacey, is trying to aide him or not.

Referencing movies such as 2001, Silent Running and Dark Star this is as much a story about loneliness, responsibility and personal identity as it is cool effects.

That said this British film milks the last penny out of its £2.5m budget and using some great old school SFX, including some cool model work and optical tricks.

But what really makes this stand out is the human aspect, Rockwell manages to hold the film despite this, basically, being a one man show for large part. It’s an incredibly charismatic performance and roots the entire thing.

For something that is so white and clean in its aesthetic this has plenty of heart.

If you’re reading this blog – which interviewed Duncan Jones a while back – that pretty much guarantees this movie’s for you. Appearing from nowhere, as if it was a lost classic from the 70s, you need to see this.

It’s one of the best in the sci-fi genre for years.

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