Bernard Cribbins gets Children’s Bafta special award, with Catherine Tate – but what’s in store for Wilf?

DESPITE having had to console a tearful Izaak again and again watching new Doctor Who, only one moment has made me well up – when Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott told the Doctor, newly alone after being forced to wipe Donna’s mind, that he would look out for him and then saluted.

Oh man! Cue the waterworks!

I had something in my eye for a while after that, as Cribbins perfectly captured the love and respect for the Doctor that we all feel. In fact he was brilliant throughout the last series on Doctor Who – funny, warm, caring and the scourge of the Daleks with just a paint gun!

It is massively exciting to know he will be back at Christmas too in The End Of Time two-parter.

I was delighted then to find this video of him receiving a special award at the Childrens Bafta ceremony, which was presented by Catherine Tate and received with his no doubt customary good grace and modesty. Fast forward to 18 mins 30 secs or so, to swerve Dick and Dom.

Isn’t it great to see the respect he is held in by his colleagues, especially John Cleese who said Bernard was in the funniest moment in Fawlty Towers, high praise indeed!

But did you catch the line from David Tennant, where he said Bernard would break our hearts at Christmas? In this week’s Radio Times, Russell T Davies said Bernard’s character Wilf would face a terrible reckoning in The End of Time as well.

Eek – it doesn’t sound good, does it? Surely RTD wouldn’t kill him off? But then again, surely he wouldn’t have a character commit suicide, but Adelaide Brook did it.

I think I’d better have the Kleenex handy, just in case.