Big Interviews

OCCASIONALLY, I have been lucky enough to welcome the great and the good into Scyfi Love Towers for a chat.

Here are the big interviews with the big names, all of whom were absolutely lovely.

James Cameron – Scyfi Love’s man in London, Craig Grobler, aka @ckc1ne , spent an evening with the great man as Avatar was being released and wrote a fascinating report.

Leah Moore and John Reppion – Liverpool’s finest comic book and anything else writers. We met in the Philharmonic pub, they liked my shorthand, we talked about Doctor Who, comics and loads more.

Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane herself on Doctor Who, SJA, growing up in Liverpool and her love for the Reds

Duncan Jones, part 1 and part 2 – the Bafta-winning director of Moon and Hollywood’s rising star. We chatted about Moon as it was in the works, and a bit more besides.

Robert Englund, part 1 and part 2 – the Hollywood horror legend. We chatted about V and Elm Street as he released his autobiography, Hollywood Monster. A fund of fascinating stories – not least about listening to Monty Python with Mark Hamill – he even did a message to my wife as Freddy Kreuger.

John Fay – the Torchwood writer on The New World and why killing ianto was the right thing to do

Fin Robertson – the actor who played Larry in Blink on working with Carey Mulligan, how hard it is not to blink and sneaking pictures out of the TARDIS.

Oli Smith – Doctor Who author Oli on his audiobook The Runaway Train and advice on writing for the Doctor.

China Mieville – I grabbed a chat with him after a reading and QnA session at Liverpool’s Writing on the Wall festival.

Dan J Watts – the Sarah Jane Adventures composer chatted to me from his studio in Yorkshire about working on the show before picking his favourite pieces of science fiction music. What a top bloke!

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