Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

ALTHOUGH scyfilove is a blog about science fiction in all its forms, Doctor Who has featured more prominantly than most with loads of content put on including news, reviews and interviews.

As I’ve done so much, here’s the pick of my Who content – as well as a bit of Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood stuff – all in one place. Hope you like it.

Doctor Who News

My five ideas for the next series of Doctor Who

Stephen Fry is wrong – Doctor Who is for everyone: my reply to Mr Fry’s assertion it is not for adults.

My starring role with Doctor Who and Amy Pond – in the frame on Confidential

My Big Finish Audio Doctor Who summary and scene – I didn’t make the cut, but read them anyway

Doctor Who on tour in Manchester

Why the TARDIS looks like it does

Doctor Who locations found in Google Street View

Is River Song’s Doctor The Time Lord Victorious?

10 great Doctor Who spin-off stories – guest blog by Stuart Burns

An overdue thank you to RTD

My link to Doctor Who, David Tennant and Blackpool

Doctor Who Interviews

Sarah Jane Adventures composer Dan Watts

Chicks Dig Time Lords – interview with Tara O’Shea and Lynne Thomas

Blink star Finlay Robertson – Larry Nightingale himself – on the Weeping Angels Doctor Who return

Doctor Who author Oli Smith

Video interview with The Sarah Jane adventures cast in 2009

Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith herself!

Doctor Who make-up artist Davy Jones part one and part two

Doctor Who Reviews

Season 5

The Eleventh Hour review

The Beast Below – our perception filters are revealed

Victory of the Daleks review – what am I, what am I?

The Time of Angels review – gazing into the uncanny evil eye

Vampires of Venice review – ‘you have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves’

Amy’s Choice review – ‘your friends never see you again once they’ve grown up’

The Hungry Earth review – ‘you have to be the best of humanity’

Cold Blood review – ‘I don’t understand, I can’t die here’

Vincent and the Doctor review – ‘if you look hard …’

The Lodger review – ‘I love this game!’

The Pandorica Opens review – ‘you have been scanned, assessed, understood’

The Big Bang – ‘I hate repeats’

The 2009 specials

The End of Time Part Two – farewell David Tennant

The End of Time Part One review

The Water of Mars review – I am the Time Lord victorious


John Fay interview – on Torchwood The New World and why he killed Ianto Jones

Children of Earth review – a terrible perfection

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